At OATH we share a passion that food should be absolutely delicious while healing our bodies at the same time. We believe that a healthy body empowers a curious mind. Our organic and vegan oat milks harness the true promise of plants, from protein-rich oats, nuts and seeds to naturally delicious spices and botanicals. Each OATH protein drink is expertly blended for real health benefits and the most sensational mouthfeel ever (no aftertaste).
Plant Proteins are key to providing the building blocks for healthy muscles and tissues. They are often lower in calories and fat than animal proteins and HIGHER in fiber and essential nutrients. We stopped at nothing to provide a functional beverage that would excite your taste buds while benefiting your mind and your body.
We will always source the finest organic, plant-based and vegan ingredients on the planet. We will never compromise on the delicious flavor we are known for. We are always organic, vegan, kosher, ethically sourced and never made with gums, dairy, soy, gluten, processed sugars or GMO’s, and that is our promise to you and ourselves.